Project Details

Common Desk needed a way to manage member’s billing and subscriptions without accessing Stripe directly. Tiger made that possible through our admin dashboard.

Our Approach

With their website built on a custom content management system, we built an add-on to support payment processing right from the site they were already using. By using the Common Desk member platform, the team had a central place to process automatic recurring monthly memberships in addition to one-off day-pass transactions.

The key components work automatically on the backend, which allowed us to automate certain workflows the staff performed routinely.

The Outcome

By understanding the business of Common Desk and their core challenges, LionsMouth was able to design and buildout a secure solution, that allowed the team to effectively manage member’s accounts, without the risk of everyone accessing Stripe directly.

LionsMouth was great to work with. They understood our needs first, and then developed a solution that fit the way we work perfectly.

Nick Clark,

About the client: Common Desk

Common Desk is a coworking space that combines the ambience of a coffee shop with the functionality of an office space to create an environment that inspires community, collaboration, and innovation.

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