Project Details

The old print system died — and there was no hope in sight. We developed pawprint to enable metered printing, without installing any pesky print drivers

Our Approach

Working in a shared office environment has its perks... like that printer that you didn't want to buy and that you can now easily access, right? It's the "easily access" part that isn't always that easy and the accessible part that oftentimes feels inaccessible.

LionsMouth created a custom print solution that allowed members to easily print from their own computers without downloading a printer driver. And, charged members for pages printed over their allotted pages.

The Outcome

Because we were familiar with the client, and already had a platform in place, our solution seemlessly integrated into everything. This allowed us to develop and launch the solution in half the time.

About the client: Common Desk

Common Desk is a coworking space that combines the ambience of a coffee shop with the functionality of an office space to create an environment that inspires community, collaboration, and innovation.

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