Project Details

Manually reconcilling hundreds of line items in Xero was a huge resource drain. Horse connected Stripe and Xero, effectively automating the time consuming process.

Our Approach

Member satisfaction increases when personable employees focus more on connecting with members than connecting their payment processor to their accounting software. Yet, as a small business, most accounting software integrations are too cumbersome for non-technical small business owners.

We saw an opportunity to use our admin dashboard as the middle man between the two systems. Using webhooks, we receive the data from Stripe, and then map each line item to the correct account code through a clearinghouse account in Xero. We also needed to translate the JSON data we receive from Stripe into the XML format that Xero accepts.

The Outcome

Recognizing the challenge of integrating a payment processor (Stripe) with accounting software (Xero), the team at LionsMouth created a bespoke solution which freed up employee hours to refocus on building the membership.

About the client: Common Desk

Common Desk is a coworking space that combines the ambience of a coffee shop with the functionality of an office space to create an environment that inspires community, collaboration, and innovation.

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