Project Details

Tired of overwriting other frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation, we built our own lightweight, flexbox based framework that suited our needs just right.

Our Approach

Hex is a framework that LionsMouth developed to structure the starting point for websites while minimizing the codebase.

To educate the masses, many websites are created with a large standard code base to start and then adjusted with CSS (front-end) overrides. When you override code you add code to the codebase. When you add code to the codebase you increase the size of the source files which make the site load slower.

LionsMouth created their own starting point which strips back the large standard code to include less code overall but an equal amount of structural components.

About the client: LionsMouth

LionsMouth works with small businesses to take their next step toward exponential growth. Their web apps streamline processes, making lives easier.

It starts with hello! Technology that fuels growth

Approaching problems with a partnership mentality, a thorough understanding of business, and the desire to understand users' frustrations, we build ideal products to fuel growth.

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