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GAIA creates and sells their products both wholesale and retail. As their popularity grew, their confidence in meeting demand and maintaining materials' inventory at sustainable levels shrank. Our custom app provides GAIA with live data to inform their material and production orders.

Discovering the underlying problem

Desiring growth, GAIA wanted to optimize their customers' shopping experience and came to us for assistance.

In asking questions, we discovered GAIA's most pressing pain point lived not in their website, but in their process. With increasing frequency, the team had to scramble to meet wholesale order deadlines, sometimes pulling product from their retail shelves when a fragile system of spreadsheets and estimations proved imprecise.

This predicament hindered growth, limiting the reach of their mission to empower refugee women.

Not only did the LionsMouth team develop a solution customized to our unique needs, but they learned our business inside and out, strategizing with us to create an app to take us to the next level and beyond.

Paula Minnis,
Founder of GAIA for Women

Providing inventory insights

With the app we built for GAIA, they make assured decisions to keep up with the demand of their wholesale and retail orders.

On-site discovery

Once we realized GAIA's operational problem, we knew we needed to understand their process as well as they do. Our team visited their workspace to learn every step from planning production through order fulfillment.

Equipped with our newfound knowledge, we devised a solution to enable precise production orders and end the hectic 11th hour hustles.

Prototyping the solution

With the concept in place, we created a proof-of-concept illustrating its efficacy. Running through this prototype over and over again ensured that we covered all necessary aspects.

We also thought of new features for future iterations and anticipated client requests, allowing us to bake proper extensibility into version one.

Enabling insightful decisions

Creating production orders based on materials' inventory is all well and good, but without live inventory data from their existing system, GAIA may as well send the cows home. When creating production orders, they see live inventory data for materials and products sold on Shopify, as well as how all quantities would be affected before committing to a production order.

It starts with hello! Technology that fuels growth

Approaching problems with a partnership mentality, a thorough understanding of business, and the desire to understand users' frustrations, we build ideal products to fuel growth.

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